Full name       : B.J. Muijzer
First name      : Bart
Nickname       : Bartm
Work Email     : bart.muijzer@sue.nl
Private Email  : bartm@muijzer.com
Work address : Sue B.V.
                         De Ooyen 9
                         4191 PB Geldermalsen
                         The Netherlands

Phone             : +31- 345-656666 (work)
                         +31-611-322272 (mobile)                         
Social media   : LinkedIn profile
                         Twitter: @bartmu
Resume          : [English] [Dutch]
                         (Curriculum Vitae, updated Oct 4 2013)

Bart Muijzer 

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Consultant at Sue B.V.

Starting February 1st 2014, I am a consultant at Sue B.V. (formerly known as Snow B.V.), focussing on architecting, designing and deploying IT Infrastructures. In this role, I can combine technology and the application thereof to create added value for customers and use that combination to contribute to solve IT-challenges.

My strength is my ability to understand complex technical information and translate that into added value for customers. I like to be an individual contributor within a team, acting as Trusted Advisor, adding to the overall result using my specialisations and hands-on experience. I am an IT professional with good commercial, communication and teaching skills.
In my work I am structured, efficient and tenacious. I am a people-person and service oriented. I am loyal towards my employer and colleagues.
I am a friendly, open and involved person. In relationships with others, I am respectful and patient. I do not avoid conflicts but I try to amicably resolve these. A good working atmosphere is important to me.

Competencies: goal and results driven, analytical skills, customer focussed, handling stress, networker, experienced presenter, hands-on guy.

About me

I've listed some details on who I am and what I like to do. Besides all that, I like to connect to people, work hard, share my knowledge and experience, and genuinely enjoy life (and my family in particular).

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